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93L in Eastern Atlantic Growing More Organized

Dr. Jeff Masters, 28-07-14

Director of Meteorology, Weather Underground

An area of disturbed weather located near 10°N, 33°W at 8 am EDT Monday, about 500 miles southwest of the Cape Verde Islands, was designated Invest 93L by NHC early Monday morning. This disturbance is a more serious threat than Tropical Depression Two of last week, and has the potential to develop into a strong tropical storm before reaching the Lesser Antilles Islands on Friday or Saturday.

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June 2014 Global Weather Extremes Summary

Christopher C. Burt, 26-07-14

Weather Historian, Weather Underground

June was globally the warmest such on record according to NOAA/NCDC. See Jeff Master’s blog about this posted last Thursday. The month featured heat waves in portions of Japan, China, Western Europe, Central Asia, and Mexico. Late season cold and even some snowfall were observed in Estonia, Russia, and Scandinavia mid-month. Deadly flooding occurred in Bulgaria, Paraguay, Afghanistan, India and Sri Lanka. An intense dust storm struck Tehran, Iran on June 2nd. Yet another intense hurricane (Cristina) formed in the Eastern Pacific.

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Blogy o meteorologii

This place is not for the faint of heart, nor the weak stomached.Lake Champlain, in all its beauty and majestic landscape has been brutally unkind to open up the second stop on the Bassmaster Northern Open trail.

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Models and Planning for Climate Change

Dr. Ricky Rood, 25-07-14

Professor, University of Michigan

Is this actionable knowledge? The answer for many is an, obvious, yes, because people, corporations and governments are taking actions. What is missing in action is any rational, national or global approach to reduce emissions and, therefore, to bound the changes to our weather and climate as incremental changes to our history of the past few centuries. This leads to a situation where the actions that we take are in many ways temporary patches, because over decades and the next few centuries, we will be reliably warming up and sea level will relentlessly rise. There is much more difficultly predicting changes to ecosystems, agriculture, pathogens, political systems and nations. This will require anticipation, to which models will contribute, and the willingness and flexibility to spend on adaptive strategies if we are to obtain societal stability. Those who view models as providing actionable knowledge are more likely to succeed. Otherwise, we will be like those who lived on the shore of modern Turkey at the end of last glacial period, chasing the retreating glaciers and their water into the mountains with their goats and sheep.

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Weekly Weather Roundup: Typhoon Rammasun

Wunder Video Blog, 22-07-14

Videos from Weather Underground

Rammasun makes landfall as a Super Typhoon, major wildfires burn in the Pacific Northwest, and the Southeast sees record cold high temperatures.

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Problems finding your station on the wundermap or station list?

Kari Strenfel, 09-07-14

Meteorologist, Weather Underground

Improvements to the PWS database! Please leave any comments and concerns on this blog so we can continue to improve the experience for our PWS owners.

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Winter Premonitions

Zachary Labe, 25-07-14

Northeast Weather Analyst

Despite the current lackluster El Nino, SST anomalies are expected to rise over the next few months. This may foretell some signs for the upcoming winter across the east.

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Portlight Relief Trailer

Portlight, 02-07-14

Disaster Relief Organization

This season, we hope to deploy a disaster shelter trailer, similar to the one below, which will help us assist shelter operators in making their facilities fully accessible to people with all types of disabilities. This will include ramping, railings, cots, dinner- and drinkware, and assistive technologies for those with vision, hearing, cognitive and developmental delays.

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