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An Unprecedented Thanksgiving Visitor: a Category 4 Hurricane

Dr. Jeff Masters, 26-11-15

Director of Meteorology, Weather Underground

Remarkable Hurricane Sandra exploded into a Category 4 storm with 145 mph winds overnight, making it the latest major hurricane ever observed in the Western Hemisphere. The previous record was held by an unnamed Atlantic hurricane in 1934 that held on to Category 3 status until November 24.

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Climate COPs

Dr. Ricky Rood, 25-11-15

Professor, University of Michigan

@ClimateBlue on TwitterFB -

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Very Stormy Weather Ahead – and Unseasonably Mild Temps

Steve Gregory, 25-11-15

Sr. Forecaster/Risk Analysis, Weather Intel Services

A very Stormy Week Ahead with Unseasonably Mild Temps across the eastern US

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Sea Level Rise Trends

Dr Larry P. Atkinson, 22-11-15

Slover Professor of Oceanography at Old Dominion University

Coastal Sea Level Trends

You hear a lot about sea level rise rates or trends. 

NOAA’s National Ocean Service has a website that shows present sea level trends for both the US ...

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PWS Dashboard Improvements!

Kari Strenfel, 18-11-15

Meteorologist, Weather Underground

We are excited about some of the features we have updated on the PWS Dashboard!

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Predicting Winter...In An Unusual Way

Dr. Marshall Shepherd, 18-11-15

2013 President, American Meteorological Society
Director of Atmospheric Sciences, Univ. of Georgia

Everyone always wants to know what the winter is going to be like. Will we get more snow? Is it going to be colder than normal? These are common questions as we approach the winter solstice. During a ...

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Portlight and partners respond to massive flooding

Portlight, 30-09-15

Disaster Relief Organization

Portlight and partners respond to flooding disaster.

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First Rain of the Season for Southern California

Zachary Labe, 13-09-15

Northeast Weather Analyst

The remnants of Hurricane Linda will track toward southern California in addition to a deepening trough. This will allow for a moist, upslope flow to provide the first widespread rain of the fall season across the region.

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